📲How to join the Cryptodrop?

Join the Cryptodrop via BetFury Cryptodrop Bot on Telegram. This special Bot is designed to make your participation in the Cryptodrop convenient. With it, you can easily log in to the Cryptodrop, get fresh news, share your referral link, check your balance, and learn more about each activity.

How to Create a Cryptodrop Account?

  1. Open and start BetFury Cryptodrop Bot.

  2. Tap “Play & Earn” to open Cryptodrop.

  3. Read the information about the Cryptodrop.

  4. Tap “Start Journey” to begin your way to success.

Once you enter the Cryptodrop site, you can already earn some points. However, the next step is also extremely important. You should connect your Cryptodrop and BetFury accounts to complete Quests, obtain the main Cryptodrop reward, etc.

How to Сonnect Cryptodrop & BetFury Accounts?

  1. Open BetFury Bot on Telegram.

  2. Sign up on BetFury via this Bot.

  3. Cryptodrop Bot and BetFury Bot are linked, so after completing these steps, you will automatically connect your Cryptodrop and BetFury accounts.

  4. After that, you can plunge into the adventure.

Why Should You Connect X Account?

The system may require a connection to your X (Twitter) account. It will be needed to complete Social Quests and share results to withdraw rewards. Your X account must include over two subscribers and one post.

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